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You can make your earphones
or earpods tangle-proof
It's "simple, but brilliant."
Patent Pending

Imagine being able to stash your headphones
in your pocket without worrying about tangles
and without fussy steps, like winding.

Slip stashcord and your earbuds are tangle-proof.

Unslip stashcord and your headphones are ready to use.

Check out what people are saying!

Stashcord is a fabric sleeve that stays on your cord and is designed to do just one thing really well…keep the tangle-prone ends together and contained no matter where you smush, stuff or stash them. Such a simple idea, it might be genius.
tangled headphones and stashcord
What's frustrating about tangled headphones is the time you spend in the tedious task of untangling. You have better things to do! Using stashcord is so fast and effortless that you'll realize even winding is time-consuming.
It's time to say 'goodbye' to tangles and winding!

Now just stash headphones
in pockets, bags or wherever you want.
They won't get tangled!

stashcord compared to winding and tangles
Everyday people are discovering
a better way to live tangle-free.
"Love your Stashcords! My 12 year-old boy hasn't lost or trashed a pair of headphones because his headphones are sheathed in a Stashcord! My favorite gift to give. Here are some photos of my Stashcord graffitied with my favorite saying."

Lisa's stashcord to the nines
-Lisa, AZ

"My husband and I absolutely LOVE our Stashcords! We've been using them for a few days now and are amazed this little slipcover works so well! Customer service is great too. We received our stashcords very quickly with a handwritten note thanking us for our purchase- I love that! Thanks to your buy 2 get 1 free promo we have the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays! Thanks Stashcord!"
-Sarai, HI

"I just received my order and love your product."
-Stuart, NY

"Hi, I just received my stashcord this morning and they are just what I was looking for—simple, but brilliant. I have quite a long journey by bus to work and seem to always spend the first part of it by untangling my headphones—problem now solved. I’ll be sure to spread the word to my fellow earbud tangled colleagues over here in the UK. Thanks once again."
-Ivan, UK

"I just returned a pair of ZipBuds for my girlfriend, cause they didn't have a microphone on them. Love the concept of your product.."
-Keith, FL

"This is a real solution as opposed to another winding gadget."
-Allan, CA

"You can add great customer service to your already great product"
-Terrie, FL

"Life is a little better now that I have my Stashcord. I don't have to spend five minutes everyday untangling my earphones... I send you guys a little thanks everyday!"
-Wayne, IL

"Wayne turned me on to your excellent invention and I've been craving one ever since. Best of luck!"
-Cindy, IL

"..doesn't require you to ditch your current headphones.. if you are satisfied with your current audio solution, this might be the way to go."
-Michael Santo, CA (Tech Buzz Writer,

"Liked it so much I ordered another. Very clever and simple concept, which will probably save me hundreds of lifetime hours if I were to calculate how many daily minutes are spent doing the Rubics Cube cord untangle exercise... I purchased a couple different cable organizer solutions, but this one is clearly the best for the simple reason that if you use your buds as much as I do, then you don't have time to meticulously wind the cord each time you decide to stow your phone or cord. If you are a winder, there's probably something a little "not right" about you..."
-Coffee, CA (Amazon Review)

"...solves the everday hassle of dealing with tangled earbuds."
-Nate, IL

"Great product."
-Marshall, NM

"Super product!!I am so happy to have found this product! I was having to wrap my earbud headphones around my mp3 player and it would shorten the life of my earbuds and they would get tangled up and thats soooo annoying! I haven't had any trouble so far with either of those issues since purchasing a Stashcord. I'd recommend this product to anyone, it's great :)"
-SunnyGirl, WV (Beach Camera Review)

"Great product."
-Mark (Amazon Review)

"Item arrived faster than expected and works as described. I plan to buy several more."
-Juan Carlos Quezada, (Amazon Review)

"The item arrived as promised... and what a great invention. It works like a charm. No more of that untangling of my cord when I get into the car."
-Penatheready (Amazon Review)

"Great item. Will buy more. Service excellent."
-Pat, (Amazon Review)

"They work great...stashcord does a good job of keeping the headphones for my cell phone untangled. The fabric is smooth, which keeps it from snagging on the mic. I've gotten different colors so we can tell whose earbuds are whose."
-D. Cramer, (Amazon Review)

"I like this little stashcord. I keep it on at all times...when my earbuds are in my pocket this little fella keeps them from getting terribly tangled."
-Jason, AL (Amazon Review)

"We like them! Great job on this product."
-Wendi, MS

"What a great little idea you've got here."
-Mark, IL


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Stashcord is a better way to live tangle-free.
But, we realize new ideas can seem to good to be true. That's why we decided to make trying a stashcord as risk-free as possible. If you're not satisfied simply return it with your order number for a full refund.

There is no reason to live with tangles anymore...